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BizWagon.com is a team of people working to promote local business, and bring savings to local shoppers. We at BizWagon are dedicated to helpig both local business and consumers alike building strong local economies.

BizWagon is based on the concept of social media but exclusively for business. Our concept is unique in that our associated busInesses use BizWagon as an extension to their existing web presents seporate from their personal social interactions with their "friends". We like to think of our customers and clients as friends but good business relationships are based on a professional level. 

BizWagon.com offers an executive business platform with fully manageable web pages for product showcasing or coupons.  By becoming a paidbusiness member of  BizWagon.com you will be able to broadcast events, sales, promotions and exclusive BizWagon Discounts in "real time", at will!  Visitors will know exactly what's "now" at your business. They can take advantage of special offers and discounts. Building strong local businesses and increasing your local revenues. BizWagon works for everyone!

BizWagon.com is a network of businesses who are goal oriented, and successful! They know participating in BizWagon\'s real time network, is an advantage that will keep them on top. BizWagon has what it takes to build and expand a solid , loyal, customer / client base. BizWagon.com does just that, by building current informative relationships with all it's customers. BizWagon's business format, sets us apart by giving our business clients, the maximum advantage, of greatly expanding their marketing strategies, afford-ably and effectively. A business presenting itself on BizWagon.com, says, "we are here today and we have a reason for you to visit us"! This is the "key", that invites customers in and keeps them coming back. This will establish long lasting loyalty!

BizWagon.com enhances your local economic community!  This is a bold statement indeed, but we believe by sharing our network with everyone, we will increase local revenues and build strong local economic communities, in all cities and states!

What BizWagon gives to ANYONE WHO SHOPS!

  2. Local Business members, who "MORE EAGERLY" welcome the opportunity to serve you!
  3. Current, local business information, that may include current events,sales and promotions!
  4. Exclusive "BizWagon DISCOUNTS" on goods and services from your local businesses!
  5. The ability to search BizWagon.com, freely, with no Email or phone number registration!
  6. Local businesses dedicated to saving you money!


What BizWagon can do for your LOCAL BUSINESS!

  2.  Easy to self manage web page, searchable by the web, enabling a business to "showcase" itself, and broadcast in real time!
  3. Custom upgradable offers on BizWagon.com! Our "Showcase Packages"
  4. More repeat visits to your existing website!

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