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Use of BizWagon.com is proof that you have read, understand, and will follow all rules, regulations and guidelines set forth by BizWagon.com.


BizWagon.com is a family oriented site. All content, entered here in BizWagon.com must be for general audiences. This includes textual content, pictures, graphics and/or links. There are no exceptions. Cause under these circumstances is instant termination of your account without any refund of any kind. Violators will be dealt with quickly and aggressively to the full extent of the law. Any person that is registering a business with BizWagon.com must be 18 years old or older and prove his/her authorization and affiliation with that business.

Any Exclusive BizWagon Discount will only be granted to the person presenting the coupon, promo code, SMS (text message) or snapshot of the special to insure terms and validity. This must be shown prior to purchase to qualify. BizWagon.com assumes absolutely no responsibility for any published information, pictures, graphics links and/or content set forth by any businesses.

Every BizWagon exclusive discount and /or any other sale, promotion, discount and content is the sole ownership and responsibility of the business presenting it, and must include a detailed definition of it. It is the sole responsibility of that business to settle any disputes. Any published offer on BizWagon.com must be granted by the business presenting it unless it has expired or the official copy was not presented before time of purchase. Failure to grant a valid exclusive BizWagon discount or special is cause for business account deactivation. There will be no refund or pro-rated refund for deactivation.

BizWagon.com reserves the right to deny service or terminate any account, by its own discretion if it chooses, at any time, for any reason or no reason. BizWagon.com is not obligated to disclose to anyone any information pertaining to decisions it makes regarding such actions.

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As an added service to our members and visitors, we might provide hyperlinks to other websites or make referral to other resources. We might also include third party advertisements or logos within our own website for other companies. This does not necessarily mean that BizWagon endorses any of these referrals or approves of their opinions, products, services, policies, and actions.

Though we select our third party vendors and advertisers very carefully and constantly re-evaluate our relationship with them, we expect our members and visitors to notify us of any issues rising with these third party links so that we may reconsider such relationship.

You understand that once you leave our site and enter a third party vendor or referred website, you are entering a different company and are then under their Terms of Service. You also agree that BizWagon is not to be held responsible in any way for any problems, losses or damages you might encounter by using a third party vendor.

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In addition to the fact that BizWagon is not liable for the actions of third party vendors, BizWagon cannot be held responsible for the following:

– The accuracy and reliability of the content provided on our website may it be from our company, the listings or their account managers.

– The accuracy and reliability of the information you receive when entering a referred website or when dealing with a third party vendor.

– The unexpected interruptions of the website regardless if it is due to the server, web hosting, site maintenance or other reasons.

– The failure of the website to secure access to the members' accounts.

– Any damages or losses of data caused by website malfunction or software downloaded on our web-site, third party vendors or referral websites.

– Any misunderstandings or misrepresentations from BizWagon, its employees, its owners, its agents or its affiliates.

The company and its directors consider ethical business practices to be the foundation of socially desirable performance. Whenever an action or decision is made, we make sure it is legal, ethical and in the best interest of our customers and visitors.

Should you have any comments or questions about the Terms of Service, feel free to contact us by email.


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